The hospitality market is on the rise. A recent survey revealed that there are currently 865 new hotels under construction today, and occupancy rates in U.S. hotels are also expected to remain at record levels through 2017, according to PKF Hospitality Research.

Technology has become a critical factor for hotels to attract and retain guests in our connected age. Guests now want the opportunity to reserve rooms online, pay for purchases via their smart phones and have access to free, fast, reliable Wi-Fi on their mobile devices anywhere in the hotel.

Above all, they expect the hotel environment to securely protect their data and their personal safety.

As consumer demand grows, hotels are desperate to meet that demand, which means many of them are investing a significant portion of their budgets in technology.

How many of them? Well, according to a 2016 study by Hospitality Technology Magazine, 54% of American hotels plan to spend more on technology in the year ahead.

Their biggest priorities for technology spending are:

  • Payment security

  • Data capture/POS

  • Guest room tech

  • Wireless networking

  • Mobile engagement

  • Data security

  • Pro AV/digital signage

  • Physical security

As you might expect, hotel owners, managers and staff are searching for IT solution providers who can help them respond to these demands. They need a partner who can help them with technology that encompasses the front desk, gift shop, bar, café, guest rooms, conference rooms and back office.

All of this points to an exponential rise in the demand for technology in the hospitality market.

So, the bigger question is: How can you take advantage of these opportunities and grow your hospitality practice?

You can start right here. We’ll help you understand the technologies and how they fit together in a hospitality setting. We can also help with site assessments, training and certifications where needed.

Are you ready to check in to all the opportunities in this market?

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Technologies Needed:

  • Wireless Network: From free guest Wi-Fi to restricted access for hotel staff, every hotel needs a wireless network that’s reliable and secure.
  • Front Desk Solutions: Make sure your hotel client has a complete solution for managing guest reservations, programming room keys, taking credit card payments and capturing customer information without downtime.
  • Digital Signage: Help guests find their way around the hotel, or find a great restaurant nearby. Don’t miss an opportunity to provide content and help sell ad space for your client as an additional service and revenue stream.
  • Virtual Concierge/Check-In: Speed up the check-in process for customers and help hotels save money by consolidating staff expenses using this virtual lobby solution.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras monitor traffic through the hotel lobby, maintaining a safe environment for the guests, and creating a record for review in case of an incident.

Back Office

Technologies Needed:

  • Networking: The network is the backbone to any data center. Having a strong network is beneficial for a hospitality environment when delivering video to rooms, managing reservations and deploying digital signage.
  • Systems/Servers: Hotel clients need an IT infrastructure that can handle everything from accounting systems and credit card records to personnel files and physical security solutions.
  • Badge Systems for Employee Access Control: Keep the back office and staff areas secure with an easy-to-manage badge access system.
  • Surveillance Monitoring: Every camera on the property sends a video stream to the back office where it can be viewed live, as well as kept secure in the hotel's network storage for future reference if necessary. Hotel staff can also set recording schedules, alarm relays and enjoy access to other video analytics to get the most out of their surveillance solution.

Guest Rooms

Technologies Needed:

  • Commercial-Grade Televisions: Opportunities abound for selling in-room TVs to hotel customers who need affordable, durable and reliable devices designed specifically to handle the demands of hospitality.
  • Key Cards: Secure access is a priority for guests, so high-quality, reusable and reprogrammable key cards for room access are a must. Master key capabilities are also needed for hotel staff.
  • Convenient wireless access: Reliable and convenient Wi-Fi access is something hotel guests have come to expect when they check in to any hotel.
  • RFID Tracking: Many hospitality customers are using RFID technology to track linens, towels and other items across their campus. Water-proof tags can be applied to accelerate inventory of stock on the shelf and help manage and coordinate the maid service process.

Business Center

Technologies Needed:

  • Wireless Networking: Secure Wi-Fi solutions capable of handling large quantities of traffic and a variety of devices are essential for hospitality customers.
  • DC/POS: If guests need to print shipping labels, boarding passes, or maps, this is the place to do it. Credit card readers can be added for quick payments if necessary.
  • Systems/Servers: Allowing customers a place to work securely, quietly, and efficiently when they’re traveling not only improves productivity, but also increases the chance that they’ll return.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Protect hotel systems, printers and other equipment with a physical security solution, and keep guests and staff safe at the same time.
  • All-in-one notebook docks and accessories: Many people now only travel with small mobile devices, making accessories such as docking stations, larger monitors, keyboards and mice a great asset in the hotel’s business center for convenience.

Conference Room

Technologies Needed:

  • Pro AV: Whiteboards, TVs, projectors and other visual/audio aids help to enhance meetings by making them more interactive and collaborative.
  • Systems/Servers: A strong server backend for the conference room ensures that any VOIP, conference calls and presentations maintain the utmost quality.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Security is an ever-present requirement for hospitality. Make sure you have the right cameras for low-light situations in the conference area and coverage for every access point.

Restaurants and Shops

Technologies Needed:

  • Wireless Networking: Both staff and guests need their own Wi-Fi access, with secure, reliable connectivity and scalable bandwidth for mobile order placement solutions, mobile barcode scanners, digital signage and guest devices.
  • Data Capture/POS: From cashier desk payment systems to mobile payment and order-taking devices equipped with scanners, a variety of solutions exist to serve the market in food service and retail locations in the hotel.
  • PCI-Compliant Network for Credit Card Processing: Whether standard credit cards or EMV processing are used, every network that carries credit card data must comply with federal regulations to secure each guest’s personal data and protect the liability of the business. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest standards.
  • Digital Signage: Don’t overlook the opportunity to sell, install and manage content for your hospitality customers, and always factor in placement based on direct sunlight, hours of use, visibility, traffic areas and adjacency to other screens or electronic devices.

How Ingram Micro Helps

We can help you build solutions for every hospitality need, from the front lobby to the back office, including guest rooms, restaurants, shops, conference rooms and more.

Our team not only has strong relationships with the manufacturers, we also provide specialized resources to help you succeed in this market, without any reservations.

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